Haiti – Geopolitics: « Putin, the Haitian people need your help » launches the demonstrators in Cap-Haitian / Haiti

« Putin, Haitian people need your help », launched the thousands of protesters in Cap-Haïtien (Haiti’s second city) this Sunday, February 17, 2019 in the waves launched against the power of the PHTK party of Jovenel Moïse currently President of the Republic of Haiti to incite his resignation.

This Sunday, February 17, 2019, the claims took another turn aimed at geopolitics. As a result, it can be read in two languages in the Russian and Venezuelan flags of the demonstrators: English and Russian as the demonstrators formulate a public request to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to interfere in the political and socio-economic crisis that Haiti is currently experiencing.

Further, a Venezuelan flag is also worn by the demonstrators as a sign of solidarity with the people of Venezuela who also has political and geopolitical setbacks.

Will the move to bring Russian and Venezuelan flags to Haiti’s soil reach the goal? Is this act an attack on the United States of America (USA) that is on the same continent as the Haitians, the Haitians who helped the United States in the war of independence in Savannah? Is Russian President Vladimir Putin informed that Haitians are calling on him? A lot of questions that should elicit answers but are not yet.

Author: Marc-Donald VINCENT, infos@lescientifique.com

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